Filming at Sea Launch

The Sea Launch Complex is located within the boundaries of the Port of Long Beach and is located approximately 30 minutes south of Los Angeles International Airport.
The Sea Launch Commander is a special-purpose vessel which serves as the Assembly and Command Ship (ACS).  The ACS is 221 meters long, 32 meters wide and can house 240 people.  It has various unique areas of interest for filming including a launch control center, bridge deck, link bridge, optical trackers, helipad, radar domes, meteorological rooms and a large open interior space where launch vehicle integration takes place.

The Launch Platform Odyssey is a transport vessel and launch platform (LP).  The LP is 133 meters long, 80 meters tall with room for 70 people.  It features a rocket launch pad, liquid and gas storage facilities and piping infrastructure, hangar facilities, bridge decks, helipads and other areas of interest.

Experienced Sea Launch personnel are available to support your crew in a number of areas:

- 24-hour, 7 days a week access
- Site safety training
- 24-hour on-site security
- Staging and secure storage areas for trailers and tents 
- Coordinate access to foreign flagged vessel
- Stunt work coordination
- Local agency coordination with the Port of Long Beach, Long Beach Police and Fire Departments

If you would like to arrange a location visit, please contact Sea Launch at the email address below.

Sea Launch
2700 Nimitz Road
Long Beach, California  90802