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Sea Launch in the Press

2/4/2015 - RIA Novosti Interview with Serguei Gugkaev, CEO
Serguei Gugkaev: "Sea Launch" is looking for replacement to the Ukrainian Zenit rocket Translation from the original Russian language interview with Elizabeth Isakova of RIA Novosti on...
11/21/2014 - Interview with Igor Komarov, USRC
Translation from the original Russian language interview with Alexander Kovalev of RIA Novosti on November 17, 2014: Igor Komarov: Lunar Program is the Next Level of Technological DevelopmentThe...
7/12/2014 - RSC Energia Announces 2013 Financial Results
Sea Launch majority owner RSC Energia held their annual shareholders meeting on July 12, 2014. Vitaly Lopota, RSC Energia's President and General Designer provided an overview of the corporate results for 2013.
7/11/2014 - Russian Government Plans Sea Launch Project Development
Russian Government plans Sea Launch Development (ITAR-TASS, July 11, 2014)
6/26/2014 - The Moscow Times - Sea Launch Denies Plans to Shelve Platform
Sea Launch responds to erroneous Russian media reports about the status of its launch system.
6/2/2014 - Space News - Profile of Sergey Gugkaev
Read the interview with Sergey Gugkaev, Chief Executive Officer of  Sea Launch SA in the June 2, 2014 edition of Space News.
5/28/2014 - LEGO-ROBOTICA Competition
Sea Launch congratulates the students of Donetsk Specialized information Technology Secondary School 61 for creating an award winning re-creation of the Sea Launch Odyssey Launch Platform.
12/12/2013 - - A Heavyweight Battle: How Sea Launch Plans to Stay Afloat With SpaceX in its Waters
7/11/2013 - Space News - Need to Launch?
6/3/2013 - Via Satellite Magazine "View From The Top" - June 2013
4/26/2013 - SSPI Orbiter - April 2013